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  2006.11.11  20.10
new member

Hello, I'm new to livejournal. Just stumbled across your community. I'm studying a Bachelor of Science in Ecology + Conservation Biology. Nearly finished...just one more year. I'm hoping to get a summer scholarship to do a mini research project back home on an arid inland river on mussels. If I get the scholarship and do well I could end up with a special topic, then honours. Fingers crossed!

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  2006.06.23  00.03

i apologize if this is the wrong place to post this.

i'm trying to find a school in illinois that offers some sort of animal science that isn't pre vet-med or has to do with livestock. i'm really interested in marine bio, but i'm just having trouble finding zoology as a major anywhere in IL. any help? i'd be very grateful.


  2006.03.27  12.09

hey! first member \o/ my names joe and im studying a bsc in Forensic science :D


  2005.12.15  16.44
User Pictures

Does anybody have a good 100x100 pixel or less picture that would be suitable for this community's user pic? I'm not good with graphics, I'm afraid - I've just scooped a few scienceish pics off Google Images, however I'm sure there are better ones out there and I'd welcome any input!



  2005.12.14  20.59
Einstein and stuff...

Hey there, all you science-dudes and science-dudettes!! Welcome to the community I just invented!! *ish proud* D'ya like it?

Yeah anyway, I was just wondering (out of holiday boredom and sheer morbid curiosity) - would anybody please be able to explain to me the theory of relativity? One of my physics-studying friends recently told me that there's a situation where a car can be going at relativistic speeds into a garage, with the result that the car is inside the garage despite being longer than the garage itself.

Ickle biology-student me, I do not understand, although I really really do want to!!

So if somebody would please explain it to me in words of no more than two syllables, I would be very much obliged ^_^

And in return, I'd be happy to bore you all to death (not really) with a lecture about Mendel's punnet squares lol!

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